Spell of Creation (2000)

...possibly the most important choral work yet written in this country, and one of Butterley's most significant scores to date.

Peter McCallum (Sydney Morning Herald)

From Sorrowing Earth (1991)

It is one of the finest creative achievements of music in this country.

Roger Covell (Sydney Morning Herald)

Meditations of Thomas Traherne (1968)

Butterley has taken the musical language of today and transformed it with intense meaning and emotion. The waves of tones surge like a floodtide of light to illuminate our own darkness and offer an epicurean's praise of life on earth as a true Paradise continually there to be repossessed.

C. M. Prerauer (Nation)

Laudes (1964)

...moves, despite its fragmented part-writing, in a kind of sensuous trance. It is ecstatic, luminous, even passive music which is — the word is used with full awareness — beautiful.

Roger Covell (Sydney Morning Herald)